Companies that provide technologies to reduce and monitor the contamination of air and soil to address global, regional and local environmental problems.

Pollution Control Solutions

Companies that design, develop, manufacture, distribute or install equipment and services for reduction, prevention or clean-up of air or soil pollution. Pollutants include sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, mercury particulates, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. Principal areas are the industrial and power generation sectors (such as smoke stack scrubbing technologies), and the transportation sector (such as particulate filters and catalytic converters). This also includes companies facilitating the substitution of more polluting fuels by cleaner burning fuels in areas of chronic air pollution.

Environmental Testing and Gas Sensing

Companies that provide environmental testing, sensing, measuring and monitoring technologies and services, such as chromatography and mass spectrometry. 

Public Transportation

Companies involved in the development and operation of public transportation systems and the manufacture of related equipment and components. This includes companies that design, develop and manufacture bicycles, and those that operate city cycle hire schemes.