Waste Management & Technologies

Companies that provide and/or operate technologies, systems and services for waste management, reuse and recycling.

Waste Technology Equipment

Companies that design, develop, manufacture, distribute and/or install waste technology equipment and system services that create value from the waste stream. Equipment includes sorters, reverse-vending machines, composters, anaerobic digesters, waste-to-energy systems, collection, registration and logistics systems and other materials processors.

Recycling and Value Added Waste Processing

Companies that are involved in the processing of waste to derive value. Operations include recycling (in particular metals, plastics, oils, paper and aggregates), composting, mechanical biological treatment, and energy recovery.

Hazardous Waste Management

Companies that are involved in the processing and treatment of hazardous waste such as clinical waste, batteries, end of life vehicles, electronic equipment (e-waste) and radioactive waste.

General Waste Management

Companies that are involved in general residential and commercial waste management operations, typically including collection, processing and disposal (including landfill).